Responding to Culture (Youth Leaders' Crash Course #2)

The Living Out Team
Podcasts 31 mins
Found in: Culture, Sexuality

In this show, we critique some of the commonly held cultural views such as 'I'm inherently good and know what’s best for me'; 'I won't be happy unless I embrace and act on my desires'; 'Love equals complete acceptance'; 'If something’s not hurting anyone, it can’t be wrong' and 'Porn is an expression of normal sexuality'.

We think about ther kernels of truth underlying some of these ideas whilst highlighting the damage they've often caused and pointing to biblical truth as a better narrative.

Discussion questions

  • Which of the ideas raised in this episode do you find most challenging to teach on? Why?
  • Which of these ideas is most relevant for/prevalent among the teens in your group?
  • How can you begin to teach on these ideas?

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