Understanding Youth Culture feat. Mike Snowdon (Youth Leaders' Crash Course #1)

The Living Out Team
Podcasts 39 mins
Found in: Culture

The Emerging Generations team discuss the need to understand the culture that our young people are steeped in so that we can be more effective in communicating biblical truth about sexuality.

We look at Jonathan Haidt's moral matrix to understand the values that shape our young peoples' moral decisions and see that they care about harm, fairness and freedom. We reflect on how we can listen well, find common ground and show how the Bible ultimately answers the questions that young people care about.

This episode features a bonus interview with Mike Snowdon who has 15 years of experience as a youth pastor, speaker, student worker and resource creator.

Discussion questions

  • Where are your teens in terms of sexuality? What are the specific ideas they hold to?
  • What’s the impact of these ideas on individuals, gay or straight?
  • How might you begin to respond to the messages of our culture?

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