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Christian + Same-Sex Attracted: Is It Doable?

Is it possible to live as a same-sex attracted Christian without compromising biblical teaching on sex and marriage? Yes! Life to the full with Jesus can be lived out in the context of a local Christian community and other close relationships. We can all live without sex, but we can’t live without friendship, community and intimacy, primarily with God, but also with each other.

Historically, the Church has often fallen short in its support of same-sex attracted people and single people more generally. Even where there has been clear biblical teaching, this has often amounted to ‘don’t have sex outside marriage’ with no positive guidance or structures for living a life of deep intimacy and fulfilment as a single, celibate person.

We want to help churches to get better at supporting same-sex attracted people by teaching positively on singleness and marriage, encouraging vulnerability, and encouraging Christians to form communities where people are able to share life with each other on a deep level.

We've developed a Church Audit tool designed to enable you to assess how biblically inclusive your church is and to make sure it is a community in which same-sex attracted and single Christians can thrive.

According to the Bible, we are not simply fellow church-goers; we are family, and we belong to each other. Obviously, families sometimes have difficulties and disagreements, and we can expect that in our churches too, but the good news for us, and what makes living as a same-sex attracted Christian doable, is that we belong, we have family, and we are loved whatever our marital status.

‘Then [Jesus] looked at those seated in a circle round him and said, “Here are my mother and my brothers! Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.”’
Mark 3:34–35
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